Get your all natural grass fed beef right here and now at Town and Country East Main in Bozeman, MT while it lasts!

Enjoy the benefits of local grass fed Beef


Once a year we harvest animals for wholesale purchase. The animals are harvested in December at Amsterdam Meat Shop with the meat being ready for pick up in January. The meat will be packaged and processed to your individual specifications. This is a great way to fill your freezer at a better price. The price you pay includes the harvest and processing fee. The weight of your finished product meat is dependent on the size of the animal and on how you have it processed and packaged.

Wholesale Purchase Options


Whole animal

$7.45 Per lbs

  • approximately 380-420 pounds of finished product

Half animal

$7.70 Per lbs

  • approximately 190-210 pounds of finished product

Quarter Animal

$7.95 Per lbs

  • approximately 80-105 pounds of finished product

Custom Retail Packages

Ground Beef

$6.95 Per lbs

  • 100% Ground Beef

Custom Mix

$11.95 Per lbs

  • Mix of Steaks, roasts and ground beef


$15.95 Per lbs

  • Steaks!

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Now Available at Town & Country East Main in Bozeman MT

Town & Country Foods is proud to be selling locally raised beef of such a high quality as Baxter Creek Farms is. We strive to be able to support other local businesses because T & C Foods is also a locally owned company. This beef has become very popular with our shoppers and they are looking for it when they come into our store.